PAACLA Indonesia Membership

PAACLA Indonesia Membership


  1. Membership of PAACLA Indonesia consists of government agencies, private sector, NGOs, farmers' associations and other stakeholders.
  2. Membership of PAACLA Indonesia includes full members and voluntary members.
  3. Full members are those who declare their commitment in writing and participate fully in PAACLA Indonesia.
  4. Voluntary members are parties who do not have a legal engagement but are part of the joint action agenda of PAACLA Indonesia.

Member Rights

  1. Receive information, support and assistance from PAACLA Indonesia.
  2. Express opinions in verbally and writing.
  3. Choose and to be elected / nominate their representatives to become PAACLA Indonesia officials members, special rights for full members.
  4. Follow all activities of the organization, unless specifically specified.
  5. Receive the equal treatment and opportunity from the organization.

Members Obligations

  1. Uphold and comply with the terms of the partnership and all decisions taken at the partnership meeting.
  2. Maintain good reputation and uphold the principles, rules, and ethics of the organization of PAACLA Indonesia.
  3. Assist and actively participate in the Partnership activities.
  4. Contribute to the resources (financial/non-financial) needed for sustainability of the Partnership.
  5. Provide recommendations for consideration to the PAACLA governance, whether requested or not requested.
  6. Convey data, information, and good practices that are needed.